Does The Home Depot or Lowe’s replace broken window glass?

No, they won’t. There’s a labor minimum to the jobs that can be done by retailers. Usually it’s a minimum of 100 dollars. Such a task wouldn’t be enticing enough to bring out one of our teams. If you decided to just replace the window altogether then there’s incentive. As it stands we sell all the materials (except argon gas) single strength glass/plexi glass, glazing points/putty, silicone sealant and scoring tools.

Home depot no longer cuts glass. Lowes does, but their infrastructure is questionable at their older locations. Not everything can be cut in their inventory as previous posts have stated, there isn’t much profit in it so the stations aren’t maintained to the degree that they can reliably cut everything they sell all the time. Repair parts on back order, even the good stations miscut/fracture glass from time to time. So mom and pop shops make their living custom cutting glass and building screens.

Truth is, the best people to handle your replacement windows is the professionals over at JG Contracting if you live anywhere near Kansas City.