In Vermont USA Willowbrookfarmvt specializes in the harmonization of areas, where balance and functionality is part of the property, projecting bright rooms with multiple uses and cozy.

If you have a small space to live and you are going crazy with the decoration and storage, pay attention. Here we leave you some decoration tips so that your little house becomes a comfortable and cozy home in which to live.

How to decorate a small house?

When we have a small space, we have to do everything possible to make it as clear as possible. We have to be careful with the decorative elements that we include to avoid falling into the error of cramming the space. Also, some decoration tips will help us to give a much more comprehensive image of our small area. Take note!


Many times it happens that we do not have where to put some things and, nevertheless, we have free spaces in the wall. It is not about covering all the walls of shelves and choking the room, but about creating small corners in a flirtatious way, which at the same time are practical for placing books, boxes, magazines, etc.